Why Pelvic Bodywork?
The pelvis is the center of the body. As the physical center it keeps us upright and helps us to sit down, stand up and move forward. As the sexual and spiritual center of the body, the pelvis is a place of deep creativity. This can be seen literally, as the site of reproduction, but also metaphysically as the root of our life energy and creative power. The pelvis connects us to cycles of life and death—reproduction and elimination.

Because it is central in so many ways, pelvic health is vital to our existence. Yet our culture holds myriad taboos about the pelvis which in turn give rise to misinformation, fear, inhibition and shame. The intention of pelvic bodywork is to bring knowledge and lightness to the center of our body, to promote vitality, freedom and the capacity for pleasure.

What is Embodiment Education?
Being embodied is like living with all the lights turned on. Embodiment is the state of being awake and aware of the messages, sensations, emotions and wisdom that comes to us from our physical body. Embodiment education helps you embrace the bodies wisdom and move through any tensions and blocks to being fully alive through breathwork, sensory awareness, visualization and movement play.