I am a bodyworker, coach, pleasure activist, sex educator and workshop facilitator with 20 years of study and practice in the areas of breathwork, consciousness, sexuality and somatics. From 1992 - 1997 I attended and subsequently taught for the Body Electric School of Oakland, whereI I was integral to the development of their women's sexuality programs. Since 1995 I also teach independantly on the West Coast and to a wide network of massage professionals in Germany. I hold certificates in Massage Therapy (1994) and Sexological Bodywork (2004) with additional training in breathwork, Chinese visceral massage (Chi Nei Tsang), co-counseling, herbal medicine, contact dance, nutrition and the enneagram. Amongst my cherished teachers and mentors are Annie Sprinkle, Chester Mainard, Joseph Kramer and Sarah Shelton-Mann. I trained as a Co-Active Life Coach at the Coaches Training Institute and have been working one on one with people in private practice for over 15 years

Besidesmy work in the arena of human potential, I have wide and ecclectic interests and activities, including professional work as an artist for 20 years and the instigation of a school for urban sustainability and urban agricultre in 2008.