Pelvic Bodywork


Because of it’s complexity, both in it’s muscular structure and the social, cultural and metaphysical place it holds for us, pelvic health is vital to our existence. Pelvic Bodywork is therapeutic massage for the center of the body that promotes fluid exchange, tissue elasticity and relaxation.  The massage works with the bony structures, fascia and ligaments to access, loosen and tone the pelvic floor. Where appropriate, internal massage can also help bring awareness and balance to the internal organs and soft tissues of the pelvis. 

Pelvic massage offers neutral conscious touch with the intent to relax and promote health and vitality.  It may be helpful for people healing from vaginitis, prostatitus, chronic urethral pain, hernia operations, sexual trauma or other trauma in the pelvic region. Pelvic massage counteracts both tension and shame and brings us a sense of wholeness and well being. 

In my sessions I offer full body therapeutic massage with a focus on the pelvis and/or abdomen, a wealth of information about function and dysfunction in the pelvic area, breathing exercises and stretches to support continued pelvic health.  I am sensitive to my client’s boundaries and comfort level.  I am not a doctor and cannot offer medical advice.



Structurally, the male pelvis tends to be tighter and more constricted than the female pelvis.  Since child bearing  is not part of its function the hips are narrower and the connective tissues less elastic. Add to this the stresses of modern work life, long hours sitting at a computer, driving or flying and the fact that men’s lives are generally less active than they once were. Together these factors contribute to the ligaments and connective tissues of the pelvis becoming rigid and prone to pain and injury.

In addition to regular stretching and exercise, men can benefit  from massage deep into the muscles and ligaments of the groin and buttocks.  As well as being genrally relaxing and preventative for injury,  it can offer support for injuries that are healing, by relaxing the muscles and tisuues around the injury and promte blood flow for faster recovery. I have had success working with men healing from hernia operations or other medical procedures in the pelvic region.

Caveat for the Men:  Please note that this work is soley therapeutic in nature and NON-Sexual.



I work with women on both external and internal massage to support connection and aliveness in our vital reproductive region. The external massage works strongly with the bony structures, fascia and ligaments of the pelvis as a pathway to loosening and getting movement into the pelvic floor.  The internal work is slow and precise, designed to bring more feeling, sensation and relaxation to the organs and the soft tissue of the pelvic floor.

My style of touch is educated, sure and neutral.  It is supported by breath coaching and a wealth of information about function and disfunction in the pelvis.  I am respectful of every woman's boundaries and comfort level and seek to bring out the voice of your body, so that you may speak to what is present more clearly and easily.

On a purely physical level, Pelvic Bodywork can be helpful with many issues including adhesions of the organs, infertility, endometriosis, chronic tension, persistant pelvic pain, hernia recovery, vaginitus, ammenhorrea, lack of sensation, painful menstruation and more.  It offers women a chance to feel themselves both inside and out.

On a psycho-emotional level the potential of this work is huge.  It can help transform a woman's relationship to a part of her body that in many cases is associated with trauma, fear or shame.  The combination of positive neutral touch, relaxed communication and a welcoming presence creates a safe space for a woman to explore her relationship to her reproductive and sexual body.

Pre and post partum pregnancy support
As you know the journey through pregnancy and beyond is a time of huge transformation as the body goes on a physical, hormonal and emotional ride.  Pelvic Bodywork can support and guide this process through breathwork, gentle manipulations and embodiment practices.  External massage can help releive tension and aches of the changing body and bring awareness to the new ways the body is being used or held as the weight and shape of the center transforms.  The pelvic floor is supported and kept supple by working with the bony structures, fascia and ligaments.   After pregnancy pelvic massage can support healing the pelvis from the intensity of giving birth and can help to strengthen and retone the pelvic floor.



I recognize the importance of gender fluidity and celebrate the growing number of people who identify as transgendered.  I am comfortable with all types of bodies and embrace the journey of gender discovery. I have worked with people in various stages of their gender transition to help increase embodied awareness of the changes they are going through both pre and post op.