Sexological Bodywork (SB) is an aspect of embodiment education that deals specifically with sexuality.

Sexological Bodywork (SB) combines breathwork, dynamic touch, movement and communication with the intent to deepen your sense of embodiment and to nurture or awaken your sensuality. The SB certificate is issued by the Advanced Institute for the Study of Human Sexuality and is approved by the State of California Department of Post Secondary Education. For more information on the certificate and the profession please go to:

A Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB) is a trained sexologist and somatic educator who offers experiential learning opportunities that are designed to help you access profound erotic and ecstatic states. While not therapists, the work of the CSB may contribute to deep healing of emotional or physical trauma in regards to the sexual experience. CSBs address sexual shame or abuse, help you to better express desires and deepen your erotic capacity.


At the core of my work for women is a deep inquiry into an authentic female sexuality and the desire to support women in a process of self-discovery leading to increased freedom, satisfaction and pleasure. For many women this process includes healing from trauma, negative messages about our body, shame or inhibition. Somatic education is the process of bringing awareness into the body. With awareness comes also awareness of tension, stuck emotion, wounding and old patterns. Through observation combined with breath, communication and conscious touch it is possible to move through these stuck places and arrive at a more healthy sexuality.

Yoni Healing Massage (also known as the Yoni Massage Ritual) is an open space for embodied learning and transformation. In its most pure form it is a thorough massage of the entire pelvic area. It is intended as a pleasurable yet agenda-less journey of self-discovery. For many women it offers the opportunity for exploration outside of any obligation to respond in a particular way that brings the greatest learning.

Implicit in this work is a trust in you, the wisdom of your body, your boundaries and desires. I act as teacher, witness, guide and support system, holding the space for you to make your own discoveries and do your own work to heal and educate yourself.

For men I offer the Taoist Erotic Massage (TEM) developed by Joseph Kramer, PhD and a core element of Sexological Bodywork. The TEM is an opportunity for you to connect with yourself and the universe. It combines skilled touch and active breathwork to take you on an internal journey. The TEM requires active participation of the receiver. In the session you will learn the pelvic breath, charging breath and big draw.

Prostate Education
I offer a wealth of information about the prostate, prostate care and draining. This may be integrated into the TEM. Please inquire.

I celebrate all bodies and am honored to work with people who identify neither as male nor female and those who are on a journey of transition between the two. For those of you who are on hormone therapy or have new or rearranged body parts, the pelvic healing massage or TEM can be useful modalities in discovering how your new body is wired for pleasure. Because of the journeying nature of the work, it can also be helpful in re-imagining, engaging and drawing forth your true self, leading to greater self-defnition and self-acceptance.

Communication coaching and sensual massage training for pairs.
In the sessions you may:
~ Learn to give the gift of exquisite touch to your beloved.
~ Learn to understand your partner’s sexual style
~ Practice communicating your desires and hearing your partner's desires
~ Practice simple excercises to deepen your sense of connection and intimacy.
~ Become more aware of your partners non-verbal communication and sexual energy
~ Learn and practice breathwork techniques for couples