"As a pioneer in her field, Ruby has sought out and deeply researched her material. She combines her knowledge of somatics. breathwork, trauma, sexual healing and ritual to create environments for healing and celebration. As a participant in her courses I have felt safe, cared for, well informed and encouraged to explore. She has an intuitive sense of how to guide individuals, passing on the skill necessary to continue their exploration well beyond a class or individual session." ~Tracy Vogel, Natural Builder, Student & Colleague

"That was a completely new experience yesterday. It was great how you put me at ease. Then everything started breathing, shaking,and I guess exploding. There was no best part! Sorry if I was rushed towards the end, I didn't really know what to say, I think I lost my mind. Fortunately, I found it later." ~ Student

"Ruby's work is nothing short of amazing. She holds space for gentle transformation to occur by being authentically present, asking insightful and incisive questions, and by placing her intuitive gardening hands on a person. Ruby is clearly and deeply skilled in safe and direct communication, which allowed me to be totally present with myself so I could unfold/shift/release/rebirth/ignite all that was ready to be breathed to life. I arose from Ruby's table with a new awareness of the beautiful fertile ground of my center and a sense of embodiment and aliveness that I didn't know I was missing until that moment. I am so grateful for Ruby's passionate, transformational work"
Dori Midnight, Interfaith Minister and Intuitive Counselor, www.dorilandia.com

"I worked with Ruby over several months at a critical stage of a long process of transformation. At a certain point, I realized that I needed to add something more radical to my work in long-term psychotherapy, something that engaged the body and would help facilitate a breakthrough. From my experience, the sexological bodywork combined with the energetic breathing was not about sexual release. It was more a building of tension in the body to the point of putting me into a nonordinary state of consciousness where I could feel the body as an energetic field. The intimate touch also created a feeling of healing, release from shame, and exploration of my body in a safe, contained space. I found these experiences very powerful. They pushed me further than I could have ever gone on my own. Ruby is a wise, compassionate, spontaneous, and trustworthy guide into these regions and I hope many others will discover the work she is doing. I am a counselor myself and can definitely see sexological bodywork as a powerful adjunctive work for certain clients." -- Mark, Psychotherapy Intern

"Ruby brings a depth of caring to our sessions together. Her compassion & open heart allow me a deeper sense of trust in her presence. Ruby's knowledge of anatomy and physiology, as well as her sure healing touch inform me that she is a master bodyworker. Her ability to encourage turn-on in my body, to discuss it with me & identify how I inhibit Eros through shame, helped to create deeper feelings of safety & relaxation inside me." ~ Roy Turpin, M.A., Certified Sexological Bodyworker http://www.EnneagramBodywork.com

"Ruby has brought to us new ways of exploring and communicating. We are thrilled with what we have learned. It has opened new doors of excitement, sensuality and connection to our relationship. Thank you Ruby. You have made us feel very comfortable and safe." ~ G xo J

"Over the course of our workshop weekend, Ruby's presence and empathy helped me to feel at ease. I was able to open up through massage and breathwork sessions and experienced powerful energetic waves through my entire body. Ruby has a magical lightness but is also extremely professional. She has a great gift in facilitating deep processes for many different women"
~ Bettina Dornics, Massage Theapist Yonitalk.de

"In our personal interactions Ruby has really offered herself to me as a mentor. Recently I was debating whether or not to go back to school. Ruby offered to meet with me, discuss my concerns and give me critical feedback. She was candid about her own opinion and bias without attempting to use them, or her position in my life as mentor/teacher, to influence me. Working with Ruby has inspired many of my other personal and professional realtionships. Not only do I take with me the skills she has imparted, but also her method of interaction - consistantly striving to teach and empower others." ~ Kate D, MA candidate, NYU Performance Studies Department

"Freedom is one the of the first words I think of when I think of Ruby. During the sessions and workshops I attended I was always given the permission to feel,explore and express my feelings, desires and more! Her leadership and counseling skills amaze me. Her combination of openness, compassion,inquiry and directness helped support me to see my truth and move foward in finding my own freedom. I highly recommend her." ~ Darshana Weill,. Holistic Health Counselor

"Ruby has got facets. Many, many facets. Sharply cut, finely polished, each catching the sparkle of the spirit she shares with everyone. It is an honor to have studied with her, and to be touched by her." Phil Miller, CMT, CSB

"Thank you for bringing your wisdom, your humor, your professional competence, your artistry and your love of life across the great wide ocean to share with us here in Germany! Your course with Roza encouraged me to continue to explore how our female sexual energy can be used for healing and pleasure, to deepen in my massage practice and to sink into the mysteries of the Yoni and the Prostate with delight. I look forward to further meetings with you!" Kristina Brustik www.wohlfuehlzeit.de

"I participated in an advanced study course in Yoni Healing and Pelvic Release Massage with Andrea Bliss and K.Ruby in Germany, October 2005. Together they were a Dream-Team. Ruby always kept us in the here and now, with her light and humorous way, even in the midst of intense emotional processes. She was very present, transparent and above all completely undogmatic, which I so appreciate! Dagmar Thiemann, Freelance writer, Germany

Re: breathwork
"This is better than any frat party!" --Kevin W, Phd. Candidate